Catechist/Catechist Aide

Volunteer Catechists, Substitute Teachers and Classroom Aides are a vital part of our parish. Catechists meet once weekly with a small group of students to share the Good News and prepare the students to grow more deeply in their prayer life and knowledge of the church. Positions are available working with youth age 3-18.To volunteer as a catechist, aide or a substitute teacher please contact the Religious Education office.

Agents of the New Evangelization ______________ Catechist's Prayer ___________

Father of all families, you have called me to serve the family in truth and love as a catechist. May I be faithful to this call, rooted in your Word, and open to the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

May I use these gifts, especially the gifts of faith, hope, and love, to serve the family as a witness to you, who are love and life and the source and destiny of all families.

Let your Spirit enlighten my mind and strengthen my heart so that I can be a path of Christ's love to families, especially those in need, the homebound and aged, the disabled and disheartened.

Through the intercession of Mary and Joseph, I pray for the church, the Bride of Christ, whose mission to build a civilization of love passes through the family.


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